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Retail consulting for large and small businesses

With more than 20 years of experience and having grown a business from a small regional player into a nationally recognized, specialty retailer we understand and believe that every great performing company is fueled by its most precious asset...its people.

Retail Business Consulting that Delivers Improved Results. What we do for you is...

We offer a wide range of services all of which are designed to leverage your team's talents in order to improve your results.

At Cordova Business Improvement Consultants (CBIC), we focus on bringing the best out of the folks that serve your customers on a daily basis and, with decades of experience in retail, we believe the adage that "retail is detail" and we work for you to identify the challenges you're facing and then develop and implement a solution that gets you the results you want.

We help you achieve better results because every program is customized to fit your organization. Whether you operate a single location and are looking to grow or you're running a multi state operation looking for an extra boost to your performance, CBIC will work with you to determine the results you want to achieve and then, work diligently to design and implement the solutions that will get you those results.

"John is an amazing individual. He brings a great energy to the table that is infectious and it is impossible for him not to bring out the best in others. John can make you laugh or give you advice on how to positively manage those around you. I appreciate all he has taught me."
    - Credit Manager
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