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All of the Cordova Business Improvement Consultants (CBIC) Programs are customized to fit your organization's specific needs. With each program, you receive an initial needs assessment and consultation to determine the best approach for you, as well as a follow up after 6 months to assess progress and provide program revisions. Choose from our 2 options:

Option 1 - Build It

Option 2 - Ready To Go

"John represents everything a company or employee would want in a leader. His passion for finding the next great idea to separate the company from the rest of the industry, is one of a kind. John is the type of leader that engenders your trust. His devotion to teaching a higher skill set to each and every individual to better not only the company but themselves, is consistent. A leader that is powerful enough to demand proper respect while humble enough to act in a way that elicits desire and passion for one common goal as a company- to succeed. I respect John as a leader and mentor."
    - JD Dahler, General Manager
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