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We will meet with you and the key people on your team to identify the results you want to achieve and the challenges you're facing. We will then craft a solution that fits your organization and help you implement it, give you the tools to maintain it and follow up with you to make sure you're seeing improved results.

Cordova Consultants Services: Sales Training  Sales Training

Effective, user-friendly selling strategies that improve your conversion rate and make the most out of every customer contact. We focus on every skill level, from the new to the floor level sales associate all the way to the Master Closer that just needs a fresh perspective to add to their repertoire.

Cordova Consultants Services: Retail Operations  Retail Operations

Everything from staffing to developing metrics, management systems, State and Federally compliant policies and procedures, designing your organizational structure, benefits, compensation, job descriptions and performance evaluations.

Cordova Consultants Services: Customer Relationships  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Today's customers do not want to feel "Mass Marketed." Instead they want a personal touch, provided at their convenience, when they are ready for it. We teach your teams how to manage the relationships with your customers in the way the customer wants the relationship managed while increasing sales, return visits and customer referrals.

Cordova Consultants Services: Leadership Development  Leadership and Management Development

A comprehensive program covering all aspects of leadership and management that raises skill levels and helps to create your leaders of tomorrow, today.

Cordova Consultants Services: Strategic Planning  Strategic Planning

Having a strategic plan that provides your company with direction and encompasses all of the components needed to be successful in today's retail environment often times means the difference between simply surviving and truly thriving. CBIC will help you craft and install a comprehensive strategic plan for your team to use on a regular basis to make sure the organization stays on course to meet your goals.

Cordova Consultants Services: Company Culture  Company Culture

Regardless of whether you are proactive in the development and maintenance of your company's culture, a culture exists and that culture drives your team's behaviors. Our culture assessment identifies the state of your company culture and helps us identify how to make your culture a sustainable, competitive advantage.

Cordova Consultants Services: Company Culture  Product Development and Promotion

Developing effective systems to promote and sell your product is a core competency. From developing the story behind the product to incorporating that story into the way it is displayed, the selling methodology and all of the collateral materials that set your product apart from the rest, we will get you the results others can't.

"I have known John for close to eight years now and he has been one of the best mentors that I personally have had in my professional career. He truly is one of the most influential leaders and has helped shape our business for the better. John is one of those amazing self-made leaders that came up through the ranks so he understands and connects with every level of the organization. He is an amazing motivator that can help you get to the next level even when you might not think it's possible."
    - David Lee, District Manager

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