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With more than 20 years of experience and having grown a business from a small regional player into a nationally recognized, specialty retailer we understand and believe that every great performing company is fueled by its most precious asset…its people.

Sales Training

Effective, user-friendly selling strategies that improve your conversion rate and make the most out of every customer contact. We focus on every skill level, from the new to the floor level sales associate all the way to the Master Closer that just needs a fresh perspective to add to their repertoire.

Retail Operations

Everything from staffing to developing metrics, management systems, State and Federally compliant policies and procedures, designing your organizational structure, benefits, compensation, job descriptions and performance evaluations.

Leadership and Management Development

A comprehensive program covering all aspects of leadership and management that raises skill levels and helps to create your leaders of tomorrow, today.


“John is an amazing individual. He brings a great energy to the table that is infectious and it is impossible for him not to bring out the best in others. John can make you laugh or give you advice on how to positively manage those around you. I appreciate all he has taught me.”

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