John Cordova

John Cordova is a successful retail operator with 25 years of experience across all aspects of the retail business environment. Whether it has been running retail stores, developing sales systems, recruiting and training the best teams and creating innovative, revenue producing solutions, his programs and initiatives have reshaped the way retailers think when it comes to selling their products.

His unique knack for simplifying complex problems and creating easy to use, scalable solutions has been the hallmark of his career. He is passionately committed to helping people maximize their potential and achieve eye-popping results.

“John is a highly energetic and compassionate leader who succeeds in having a positive impact on all those he comes in contact with. Training, whether in a group setting or on-on-one, is second-nature to him as is his ability to convey the intricate details and nuances of a message in such a manner that the audience is not only able to grasp the information (while being entertained in the process), but own it and feel prepared and empowered to share it with others.” — Jorden Perrett, General Manager


“While under contract over several years, I found John to be an effective and inspiring champion/advocate for the development of his company’s Human Resources…while keeping a keen eye on his company’s bottom line and ensuring a maximum ROI!”

Diane Warga-Arias, President, DWA Communications

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