John represents everything a company or employee would want in a leader. His passion for finding the next great idea to separate the company from the rest of the industry, is one of a kind. John is the type of leader that engenders your trust. His devotion to teaching a higher skill set to each and every individual to better not only the company but themselves, is consistent. A leader that is powerful enough to demand proper respect while humble enough to act in a way that elicits desire and passion for one common goal as a company- to succeed. I respect John as a leader and mentor.

JD Dahler

General Manager

While under contract over several years, I found John to be an effective and inspiring champion/advocate for the development of his company’s Human Resources…while keeping a keen eye on his company’s bottom line and ensuring a maximum ROI!

Diane Warga-Arias

President, DWA Communications

John has keen insight into what motivates people and is able to elicit strong loyalty from his employees. Always one to share his wealth of experience, John welcomes the opportunity to engage people and their questions. I look forward to the opportunity to work with or for him!

Miriam Velazquez

Co-Founder Adventures in Hiring

John is a talented trainer who makes learning fun. He ensures everyone attending his training sessions understands his training concepts through his entertaining stories and role-playing skills. John remembers more facts and information than anyone I know. He is a truly talented salesperson and gives a phenomenal experience to each client that walks through our doors. John also has a talent for managing a large group of people and keeping them all together as a team.

Becka Johnson Kibby

Training Manager

John is an amazing individual. He brings a great energy to the table that is infectious and it is impossible for him not to bring out the best in others. John can make you laugh or give you advice on how to positively manage those around you. I appreciate all he has taught me.

Thomas Villanueva

Credit/Loss Prevention Manager

I have watched John mature and grow over the last 17 years into a highly competent and take-charge leader. He has the gift of inspiring loyalty and commitment from those under his direction thanks to his engaging personality, lots of positive reinforcement and a management style that focuses on training people to be self sufficient. At the same time, John is an exceptionally quick learner who has the ability to grasp a wide variety of existing or new business concepts, evaluate strategic value, envision new or improved efficiencies or drawbacks and champion implementation in a collaborative fashion. He is a natural leader who has the ability to inspire and mobilize those around him.

Phillip Tiffany

Vice President

John is a highly energetic and compassionate leader who succeeds in having a positive impact on all those he comes in contact with. Training, whether in a group setting or on-on-one, is second-nature to him as is his ability to convey the intricate details and nuances of a message in such a manner that the audience is not only able to grasp the information (while being entertained in the process), but own it and feel prepared and empowered to share it with others.

Jorden Perrett

General Manager

JJohn is able to put you at ease when you are with him, always. He has so many years of experience in Training, Recruitment and Human Resources that any company would be truly lucky to have him on board. He is wise beyond his years and I appreciate all he has done for my career and my life. If you are looking for a trailblazer in business he is your man.

Dene Jolly

New Markets Recruitment Manager

I have known John for close to eight years now and he has been one of the best mentors that I personally have had in my professional career. He truly is one of the most influential leaders and has help shape our business for the better. John is one of those amazing self-made leaders that came up through the ranks so he understands and connects with every level of the organization. He is an amazing motivator that can help you get to the next level even when you might not think it’s possible.

David Lee

District Manager

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